Communicate naturally

Enjoy voice messaging without pain. SpeakApp gives you full control of the experience, with great efficiency.

Available on iOS and Android.


Record and send voice easily.

From any screen. Hold to record a message. Release on a contact to send. That's it!

Pro tip
Swipe to ‘lock’ button to free your finger.

Turn voice into text.

Can’t listen right now? Hit the ‘Transcribe’ button and everything will be converted into text. Try it. It’s Magical.

Pro tip
You can see if your message has been transcribed.

Speed up any message to save your time.

Your friend's a slow talker? No problem! Just speed things up a bit. You can toggle between x1, x1.2, x1.5 and x2.

Pro tip
Put your telephone to your ear and listen to a voice message, so others can’t.

Transcribe audio from other messengers

Share an audio message from your favourite messenger to SpeakApp and tap ‘Transcribe’.

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