Otter AI Alternative

Otter AI Alternative
Otter AI Alternative

Overview of Otter AI 

Professionals across a range of industries utilize Otter AI, a highly popular application, to convert voice recordings into text. It is a go-to tool for business meetings and instructional presentations since it connects easily with programs like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. With features like live meeting summaries, Otter AI enables users to attend meetings automatically and record them in real-time. 

In this post we will go over the benefits and drawbacks of Otter AI and compare it with SpeakApp AI, a substitute that, depending on the demands of the user, might provide superior results. 

Speech-To-Text Transcription Services

Transcriptions serve multiple purposes including the following:

  • Record your thoughts, personal notes, brainstorm new ideas: capture your ideas as they flow and have the details saved in text format ready for review when needed

  • Meetings: focus on conversation and removing the need to take notes manually.

  • Lectures and other educational events: students can focus on listening and have transcripts to review at any time

  • Coaching and therapy sessions: have a reliable record for tracking progress.

  • Lawyers: have full details of your professional conversations recorded with every small but important detail saved

  • Accessibility for the people with hearing issues: Capturing the voice and transcribing it ensures that information is accessible regardless of hearing ability.

Otter AI: Features and Limitations

Otter AI is an effective solution for recording and transcribing team meetings. It allows users to interact with the transcription in a collaborative manner.  However, there are a couple of significant issues with Otter that give a reason to use a different speech to text solution in some cases.

First, Otter it only supports English. If you want to capture conversation in any other language Otter is pretty much useless

Second, Otter AI's users have noted that the accuracy of transcripts is not the best. And the quality of the transcription is arguably the most important. It also struggles with background noise and various accents, which can affect the transcription quality.

SpeakApp AI: Speech-to-Text Otter Alternative

SpeakApp AI is a good alternative solution for all your transcription needs. SpeakApp has several clear benefits in addition to functions that are comparable. SpeakApp is a mobile first service that uses the most cutting-edge speech-to-text AI models to quickly process and rewrite the output in addition to simply transcribing the audio.

SpeakApp supports more than 20 languages. It automatically detects the language your are speaking. It can even understand if user switch between languages or uses some words or phrases in a different language. 

SpeakApp laso allows importing recordings and voice messages from other apps like Voice Memos, WhatsApp, Telegram, and others. 

But most importantly the accuracy of the transcription is top notch.

Exceptional Transcription Accuracy and AI Rewrite Features

SpeakApp AI stands out with its exceptional transcription accuracy. SpeakApp uses best in calss most advanced AI models. It allows to deliver high quality transcriptions with correct punctuation, removed filler words. This significantly reduces post-transcription editing time. Furthermore, SpeakApp AI offers advanced AI rewriting capabilities. Users can adjust the tone and mood of the text, summarize, get bullet points, and more with just one click. This makes processing voice into high quality ready to use content on the go really simple.

Better Pricing and Greater Flexibility

Another major advantage of SpeakApp AI is its price. It is designed to be more affordable and flexible compared to Otter AI. SpeakApp AI is more cost-effective solution for individuals that need highest quality transcription and AI summarization and rewriting service. 


While Otter AI provides features for real-time transcription and collaboration, SpeakApp AI offers better transcription quality, multi language support, and enhanced flexibility. These features make SpeakApp AI a better choice for many categories of users. SpeakApp also offer a free 3-day trial, so it's easy to test and make a decision for yourself.

Transform your voice into text with the power of AI

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Transform your voice into text with the power of AI

© 2024 SpeakApp. All rights reserved.

Transform your voice into text with the power of AI

© 2024 SpeakApp. All rights reserved.